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This page is currently under construction.  It’s intended to be a valuable resource to you when planning an event, through which you can find the other elements needed to make your event come together at a reasonable cost and with vendors offering high-quality products or services.  Each vendor listed is offering the deal described exclusively when purchased in conjunction with services from Poker Events Unlimited.  Should you have a suggestion for any of the categories listed, or even for an additional category, your input is welcomed!  Please use our contact form or phone number to get in touch with your ideas.  In the meantime, we will be hard at work behind the scenes working hard to select only the best vendors with the greatest deals for you to populate this page.  Have a look at the categories that will soon be filled, and check back often!  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on new members in the categories included.

Recommended Event Vendors Offering Special Deals to Poker Events Unlimited Clients

Deals from us

Free equipment rental at your first event dealt by us!   This applies to all games for which we offer equipment: poker, blackjack, and roulette.

Equipment includes:

–          Six foot-long folding table to go under gaming surface (if needed)

–          Gaming surface (poker tabletop or roll-out, heavy-duty blackjack or roulette mat)

–          All necessary game-specific equipment (such as Kem or Copag cards for poker, blackjack shoe & discard tray, roulette wheels and special $1 colored chips, etc.)

–          Regular casino-quality clay chips in casino colors (white, red, green & black)

–          Access to game “cheat sheets” (that show hand rankings or tips on how to play the games)

–          Setup and breakdown.

Equipment provided for each dealer hired for your event!  (Please note: we only have one roulette set available at this time, but we have multiple sets of blackjack and many sets for poker.)


Recommended Event Vendors Offering Special Deals to Poker Events Unlimited Clients
(broken down by state/location)

Venues Offering Catering

Venues Without Catering


Party Rentals (furniture, etc.)

Party Favor Sales (with personalization available)



Security Specialists

Valet Services