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Client Reviews and Testimonials

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Ally was exactly what our regular private game has been missing…All the professional equipment, a friendly face and some rigor allowed us to get a lot more hands in and manage our blinds structure.

Sean R.,


Totally worth using!! Allie was great to work with.  This is the second year we’ve used her business and she and the dealers were great both times! Very professional!! Makes our annual poker event much better!! Highly recommend!

Jack F., 


I recently hosted a poker game in my home and called Poker Events Unlimited for a dealer and equipment.  We had been self-dealing my monthly game for a long time and frequently forgot to raise the blinds in tournaments, had discrepancies over rules, etc., so I thought it might help to hire a professional.  I couldn’t be more pleased with their services!  Ali, the owner, came and dealt the game herself on time and in a very professional manner.  Her equipment was top of the line: the kind of cards they use in real casinos, clay chips, and even a tabletop that looked like a real poker table transformed my dining room table into a genuine playing surface.   She knew all the rules and was able to clear up the questions we had about them, was an efficient and quick dealer, organized our tournaments so that they lasted as long as we wanted it to so we could squeeze two in during one night, and was generally very friendly and fun to have as a dealer.  Their rates were reasonable enough that we would like to continue using them for future games without breaking the bank.  She also was willing to stay later than we scheduled her for with no problem.  I honestly can’t think of any part of the experience I wasn’t satisfied with!  I highly recommend Poker Events Unlimited (and Ali!) for those of you out there who enjoy home poker games and tournaments.

Dan R., 


I am an experienced poker player and requested consultation from Poker Events Unlimited.  I was greeted with a friendly response and honest feedback to help further my education in being a successful poker player.  I would recommend anyone to Poker Events Unlimited that would like information on improving their strategies.

Michael K., 


My friends and I were trying to think of a fun theme for my bachelorette party, and we thought since all our boyfriends and husbands seem to play poker, it would be fun to learn and play ourselves.  I found Ali’s site online and getting all the details set up was very easy and affordable for the eight of us.  Not only did we get a lesson, but we got to play two games too!  It was so much fun!  And Ali was really great, she didn’t get impatient with us when we were confused or anything and helped us along throughout the game.  The equipment she brought was just like in a casino too, so it felt very authentic and realistic.  I can’t wait to play the next time my husband and I go to Atlantic City!  I highly recommend Ali’s company for any party where you’re looking to add some unique fun.

Anne B., 


Ali of Poker Events Unlimited customized my poker lessons to meet my special needs. I’m a blind poker player who needed individual, one-on-one lessons. After working with her, I strongly feel that I’m fully equipped to play poker against my sighted opponents with full confidence.

Mr. L., 


I’ve been playing poker for a while now, only casually and with my friends but lately have felt a strong desire to really study the game and figure how the professionals approach it. I scheduled a session with Ali and was nothing but pleased with our first encounter. She was accommodating, friendly (hiked up my 5 flights of stairs in NYC) and most of all prepared and knowledgeable. I feel very confident in my beginnings to really study the game and would recommend her services to any poker player looking to get serious.

Steve P., 


Ali was a fantastic Dealer! She kept the game moving while also teaching us some things about the rules that we didn’t know already. Having a dealer rather than self-dealing allowed us to get a lot more hands in. I will definitely recommend Poker Events Unlimited to my friends for their home games.

Andrew B., 


My friends and I truly enjoyed learning poker at the party. It gave us something to do rather than just sitting around talking all night. The teacher really took the time to make sure we understood the game. I love poker now and can’t wait to showcase my skills the next time I go to Atlantic City!

Kristine O.,